Plano Citizens Coalition

The Plano Citizens' PAC vets and endorses City Council and School Board candidates who share the  vision of the Plano Citizens' Coalition. The PAC is a separate organization with the ability to support and advocate for candidates .

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Who We Are

  A group of hardworking, patriotic, caring and concerned citizens who freely give our time, talent and treasure to help Plano become and even better place to live, work, raise a family and start a business 

What We Believe

Plano is the greatest city in the world with amazing people 

In order to preserve Plano’s unique suburban character, we must elect principled leaders to the Plano City Council and Plano ISD School Board 

 The elected officials work for the people, and not the other way around 

 We get the government we deserve and the more the citizens are informed and engaged, the better it is for everyone 

PAC Guiding Principles

 RULE OF LAW – This is the foundation of our republic 

LIMITED GOVERNMENT – Government should be limited to its core functions 

REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT – Elected officials’ actions should represent the will of their constituents, under the law, with transparency and probity