About Us


Guiding Principles

1.  Rule of Law - The rule of law applies to all.  This is the foundation of our republic.

2.  Limited Government - Government should be small and limited to its core functions. 

3.  Representative Government - Elected officials' actions should represent the will fo their constituents, under the law, with transparency and probity.  


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to influence, promote, and support elected officials and policies that advance the rule of law, provide for the core functions of goverment in a fiscally responsible manner, and represent the citizens of Plano with transparency and probity.



Policy & Advocacy - Proactively influence City of Plano and Plano ISD public policies and promote these policies with elected officials, citizens of Plano, and candidates for Plano City Council and Plano ISD Board of Trustees.

Leadership - Identify, train, and support future Plano City Council and Plano ISD Board of Trustees leaders.