Policy & Advocacy Committee



The Plano Citizens' Coalition Policy & Advocacy Committee is tasked with initiating policy research, developing new policy positions, and overseeing communications for our organization. Our goal is to not only chart a course for our organization's future but also that of our community.

Read below to see a preview of our work.

Join the Policy & Advocacy Committee

This committee is open to participation to PCC members and guests alike. It is a great starting point for anyone looking to take a more active role within PCC. If you are interested in attending the committee's meetings, please contact advocacy.pcc@gmail.com

75% of Your Tax Dollars Are Spent by School Districts

State "recapture" laws confisicate enormous amounts of money from the school taxes we pay.  Our PISD Board and our state legislators must find a way to stop this and other fiscally irresponsible spending.  

City of Plano

Our city budget should focus on core functions such as police and fire fighters, roads and public services, and other city services that support our suburban quality of life in a fiscally responsible manner.  

Property Rights

City of Plano planning and zoning regulations should protect everyone's property rights and work to maintain our suburban way of life without creating overcrowded schools and gridlocked streets.  

Transparency in Government

Both our city government and ISD should conduct their business in public, not behind closed doors.  Issues should be openly debated, not agreed to with a wink and a nod before discussing publicly.  Plano's Citizens deserve to be heard, listened to, and allowed to participate in the public debate.